January 27-28, 2001 Minutes

Board of Regents


Full Board Retreat

University of Alaska Board of Regents

January 27-28, 2001

Girdwood, Alaska


Regents Present:
Michael J. Burns, Chair
Elsa Froehlich Demeksa, Vice Chair
Mary Jane Fate, Secretary
Brian D. Rogers, Treasurer
Chancy Croft
Joshua B. Horst
Kevin O. Meyers
Frances H. Rose
Joe J. Thomas
Joseph E. Usibelli, Jr.

Mark R. Hamilton, President and Chief Executive Officer - Fairbanks

Regents Absent:
R. Danforth Ogg

Others Present:
Terrence MacTaggart, Chancellor, University of Maine System
Jeannie D. Phillips, Board of Regents' Officer

At 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 27, 2001, the Board of Regents met in an informal retreat to discuss board performance, responsibilities, expectations, and items of concern to the University.

The only action taken by the Board of Regents at this meeting was the following motion.

Regent Croft moved, seconded by Regent Rose, and unanimously approved that:


"The Board of Regents directs Dr. Theresa Obermeyer to immediately cease her disruption of the retreat or the Board will direct staff to call building security. This motion is effective January 27, 2001."

The retreat continued on Sunday morning, January 28, and adjourned at approximately 12:00 noon.