Photo of train outside of Burtovich.
The scenic landscape outside of the Butrovich building will change with the seasons. Every month there will be a picture of the same landscape to illustrate the changes.

System News

  • Article 3 in Healthcare Reform Series: University Outlines 2013 Healthcare Reform Changes
  • Regents Meet in Juneau September 27-28
  • New Software Program Prepares UA System for Recovery After Emergencies
  • Mentorship Project Shows Increase in Mentors Within Urban Areas
  • Payroll Moves from UAF to Statewide Office
  • UA Strategic Direction Update
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Conversations with UA

  • Q and A Conversation with UAS Chancellor John Pugh� MORE...

Announcements and Recognition

  • Coffee with the President
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Installation at the Butrovich Building
  • Web Time Sheet Project (WiTSE) Status Update: September 2012
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