Photo of train outside of Burtovich.
The scenic landscape outside of the Butrovich building will change with the seasons. Every month there will be a picture of the same landscape to illustrate the changes.

System News

  • Stay on TRACK Launches Second Year with New Campaign and Plane Ticket Giveaway
  • Gamble Reaches Out to Kodiak Community for FSMI Guidance
  • Health Care Costs Could Have Significant Impact on the Future
  • Industry Leaders Use Opportunity to Guide UA Workforce Development Programs
  • Slips, Trips, Falls Pose Serious Risk for Employees, Smith Recalls Harrowing Tale
  • UA Works to Improve Student Success Through Advising
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Conversations with UA

  • Q and A Conversation with President Pat Gamble: Hufflepuff� MORE...

Announcements and Recognition

  • K-12 Outreach Office Awarded Federal Funds for a Climate Education Project in Northwest Alaska
  • Fate Receives Shirley Demientieff Award
  • Statewide Pilot Group is 'Kicking the Tires'
  • Alaska, Yukon Will Work Together to Develop Mining Industry Training
  • UA Emergency Management Begins Alert Notification Testing
  • SAA Highlights
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