Saying "Sweet Farewell" to Pat Ivey

Photos by Monique Musick

Sweet treats and words were the theme for Pat Ivey's retirement celebration.
Kate Ripley reads a statement sent by former Vice President of University Relations Wendy Redman.
Pat Ivey thanks many of the students, faculty, staff and others she had the pleasure to work with over her years in Governance.
Guests enjoy stories and photos from the past during Ivey's retirement celebration.
Luci Beach, former executive director of the Gwich'in Steering Committee, shares her thanks for Ivey's work over the years.
Luci Beach talks about the ways Ivey has impacted Native studies and culture.
First Coalition coordinator and one of the founding fathers of the Coalition of Student Leaders, Brian Brubaker, shares some funny stories about working for and with Pat Ivey.
Memories of cookie brigades past.
Former publication assistant and coalition coordinator Rebecca Callahan came with her twins to Ivey's celebration.
Flowers adorn the entrance table along with greeting cards and well wishes for Ivey.
Donations were collected to gift Ivey with a lifetime membership to the Georgeson Botanical Garden.
Unwrapping a mug from Dana Platta ... a perfect fit!
"Women Who Behave Rarely Make History."
Saying farewell.....
We will miss you Pat. Thank you for all you have done over your years of service!
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