Service Awards 2011

Photos by Wes Schaefer

Statewide Staff in Fairbanks Gather in the Board of Regents' Conference Room

Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Fruit, Yogurt, Veggies and Coffee

President Gamble Addresses Statewide Staff

Five-Year Employees Receive Nameplates

Ten-Year Employees Receive Ulus

Fifteen-Year Employees Receive Clocks

Laura Morisky is Honored for 20 Years of Service

Brad Bodde Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Anchorage employee not pictured

Robert Hale Marks 25 Years of Service

Fairbanks employee not pictured

Laura Letuligasenoa Recognized for 30 Years of Service

Michelle Wood Honored for 35 Years of Service

Carla Yurkovich Recognized for 30 Years of Service

2011 Outstanding Employees and Department

Travis Payton, OIT Student Employee

Douglas Maynes, OIT Telecommunications Services

Rick Forkel, Director Emergency Management

Department of Risk Services

University of Alaska Doorprize Goodies

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