Statehood Files

Every State of the Union is entitled to display two statues in the United States Capitol. The State of Alaska commissioned statues of E.L. "Bob" Bartlett and Ernest Gruening. These two Alaskans strived mightily for the realization of statehood and served as the first Senators from the new state. Recognized in various forms throughout Alaska, these pioneers are regarded as two of the greatest driving forces behind Alaska's attainment of self-government.

Bartlett Statue

Gruening Statue

Informational Documents:

Information on the "Alaska-Tennessee Plan" under which Alaskans elected a congressional delegation prior to the granting of statehood.

"The Tennessee Plan - Admission of the Bold" by George H. Lehleitner. A letter sent to each member of the Alaska Constitutional Convention arguing in favor of Alaska adopting the Tennessee Plan.

"Alaska's Heralded Constitution - The Forty-Ninth State Sets An Example" by John Hellenthal - republished with permission from the American Bar Association Journal

Alaska's Government Officials Since 1790

Alaska's State and Territorial Legislators (External Link)

Voting Certificate from the Ratification Election for the Alaska State Constitution

"Statehood for Alaska" by George Sundborg, Sr. (PDF File)

The Story of the Jade Lamp