Fischer V.

Victor Fischer
Victor Fischer

Name: Victor Fischer

City: Anchorage

District: 18

Occupation: City Planner, Legislator, Professor

Born: May 5, 1924 - Berlin, Germany

Alaska Resident: 1950-Present

Convention Posts:

  • Chairman, Committee on Executive Branch
  • Member, Committee on Local Government
  • Member, Committee on Style and Drafting

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President, I would just like to very briefly point out the importance of establishing a good system of local government to the future success of our state... That is one of the points that we have tried to meet here, not to establish too many local governments but those that would be established would be effective to carry out not only the local but also state functions as may be necessary... In Alaska it is particularly important that we provide a local government system that will have the maximum amount of flexibility with the maximum amount of home rule, and at the same time with the maximum amount of state interest and participation in local affairs."

-Delegate Victor Fischer, Day 58 of the Constitutional Convention, discussing the form and function of local governments established in the Alaska constitution

Education: University of Wisconsin, MIT, Harvard

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Director, Office of Metropolitan Development, US Department of Housing and Urban Development - 1962-66
  • Planning Director, City of Anchorage - 1950-55
  • Territorial House of Representatives - 1957-59
  • State Senate - 1980-86
  • Vice President, Operation Statehood

Honors Received:

  • Littauer Fellowship in Public Administration, Harvard University - 1961-62