George Sundborg
George Sundborg

Name: George Sundborg

City: Juneau

District: Alaska-at-Large

Occupation: Newspaperman

Born: March 25, 1913 - San Francisco, California

Alaska Resident: 1938 - 1973

Convention Posts:

  • Chair, Committee on Style and Drafting
  • Member, Committee on Rules

Education: University of Washington

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Supervisor, Alaska Merit System - 1940-41
  • General Manager, Alaska Development Board - 1946-47, 1951-53
  • Congressional Liaison, US Department of the Interior - 1969-73

Honors Received:

  • Citation for Meritorious Service by Dept. of the Interior - 1973

Further Reading:

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

R. RIVERS: Mr. President, before the motion to adjourn is renewed, I wish to move in recognition of a very impressive performance that we have seen here that this Convention go on record as extending a vote of thanks to Style and Drafting for diligent, brilliant, timely, and valiant service.

UNIDENTIFIED DELEGATE: Under fire! (Applause)

SUNDBORG: I was afraid for a minute that Mr. Ralph Rivers was going to end his unanimous consent request with some reference to commas, and I was happy when he didn't. I just would like to say for our Committee that I feel and I think all of its members feel that we haven't worked harder or done anything more than every committee has done, and the product is not any more our work, and probably not as much our work as it is that of each of the substantive committees, and all of the delegates who make up the Convention, but we appreciate your very kind thoughts, nevertheless.

-Delegate George Sundborg, Day 73 of the Constitutional Convention, accepting the thanks of the convention for the work of his Committee on Style and Drafting, which assembled the final constitution. The committee had been under fire through most of the convention for their changes to the document's wording.