James Nolan
James Nolan

Name: James Nolan

City: Wrangell

District: 21

Occupation: Merchant

Born: June 23, 1901 - Boston, Massachusetts

Death: October 24, 1991 - Wrangell, Alaska

Alaska Resident: 1920-91 Convention Posts:


  • Member, Committee on Administration
  • Member, Committee on Finance and Taxation
  • Member, Advisory Committee on Committees
  • Education: High School

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Deputy US Marshall, Wrangell - 1924-45
  • Territorial House of Representatives - 1947-51
  • Territorial Senate - 1955

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President, while I agree that probably 75 per cent of the article is as well written a one as could probably be produced, I intend to vote against the article mainly on the provisions pertaining to the veto, impeachment, and the yearly sessions. The yearly sessions are one that bother me particularly, due to the fact that I think a lot of good people in the Territory that would probably run for the legislature will not under those conditions just simply between campaigning and then their terms down there without any limitation upon them at all would take away a lot of good people from the legislative halls."

-Delegate John Nolan, Day 65 of the Constitutional Convention, speaking against the proposed legislative article for the Alaska Constitution. Delegate Nolan served for many years in the Alaska Territorial Legislature, which met every two years.