Leonard H. King
Leonard H. King

Name: Leonard H. King

City: Haines

District: 5

Occupation: Merchant

Born: March 23, 1901 - Michigan

Death: January 1982 - Haines, Alaska

Burial Location: Ashes scattered in Haines harbor

Alaska Resident: 1920-82

Convention Posts:

  • Member, Committee on Resources
  • Member, Committee on Direct Legislation, Amendment and Revision

Education: Fairbanks High School, University of Alaska Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Haines City Council
  • Mayor, City of Haines

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President... Commercial fisheries at its lowest ebb last year brought in $2,300,000 worth of tax money. Now we are talking about a resource that is valuable to the people of Alaska. These people of our tundra, one of our delegates talked so much about his 30,000 people -- that is not only aesthetic to them -- that is social. They use that meat in the Arctic to eat; they use that ivory to carve; that is their livelihood. Now, we are not talking about light things here, Mr. President, we are talking about something very important... I am not a very good orator, Mr. President, but my timidity here has been overcome by my conscience. I feel very deeply about this... I am talking from experience and I believe the proper place to put the regulation of these departments, to make it successful, is right into the constitution."

-Delegate Leonard King, Day 62 of the Constitutional Convention, speaking in favor of establishing commissions for the governance of fish and game management in the Alaska Constitution. The proposal failed, and the commissions were established by the legislature.