Mildred R. Hermann
Mildred R. Hermann

Name: Mildred R. Hermann

City: Juneau

District: Alaska-at-Large

Occupation: Lawyer, Educator

Born: February 28, 1891 - Indiana

Death: March 16, 1964 - Juneau, Alaska

Burial Location: Evergreen Cemetery - Juneau, Alaska

Alaska Resident: 1919-64

Convention Posts:

  • Temporary President
  • Member, Committee on Rules
  • Member, Committee on Style and Drafting


Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President, pursuant to a motion already made on this floor and carried, I move when we go forth from this assembly today, we do so in memory of two great Alaskans who pioneered the statehood movement -- Judge James Wickersham and Judge Anthony J. Dimond. Mr. President, I now move that we adjourn sine die."

-Delegate Mildred R. Hermann, Day 76 of the Constitutional Convention, making the motion to adjourn the Alaska Constitutional Convention.

Education: Indiana University, LaSalle Extension University (Law)

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Secretary, Alaska Statehood Commission - 1949-59
  • Member, Alaska Employment Security Commission - 1940's

Further Information: