William A. Egan
William A. Egan

Name: William A. Egan

City: Valdez

District: 18

Occupation: Businessman, Governor

Born: October 8, 1914 - Valdez, Alaska

Death: May, 1984 - Anchorage, Alaska

Burial Location: Ashes scattered in mountains surrounding Valdez

Alaska Resident: Lifelong

Convention Posts:

  • President of the Convention

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"We love our great United States of America, and our hearts belong to our great Territory of Alaska, and we will never have true peace of mind until we are taken in full membership as one of the great states of the Union."

-President William A. Egan, Day 75 of the Constitutional Convention, addressing the delegates following the signing of the constitution

Education: Valdez Public Schools

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Mayor, City of Valdez - 1943-46
  • Territorial House of Representatives - 1941-45, 47-53
  • Territorial Senate - 1953-56
  • Tennessee Plan Senator from Alaska - 1956-58
  • Governor of Alaska - 1959-66, 70-74

Honors Received:

  • Alaskan of the Year - 1971
  • Honorary Doctorate, University of Alaska - 1972

Further Information: