Edward V. Davis
Edward V. Davis

Name: Edward V. Davis

City: Anchorage

District: 18

Occupation: Lawyer, Judge

Born: December 15, 1910 - Aberdeen, Idaho

Death: July, 1985 - Anchorage, Alaska

Burial Location: Unknown

Alaska Resident: 1939-85

Convention Posts:

  • Member, Committee on Rules
  • Member, Committee on Style and Drafting

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"...We are not voting for a senator to represent our own district; we are voting for a senator who is going to do the best possible job for the State of Alaska; and I hope that we won't lose sight of that here. This Convention has been completely free of divisions according to traditional division lines, and I venture that it is the first gathering that was ever held in Alaska that was free of those divisions."

-Delegate Edward V. Davis, Day 67 of the Constitutional Convention, addressing the pardoning power of the governor

Education: Gooding College, B.A., University of Idaho, LL.B.

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • State Superior Court Judge - 3rd Judicial District, 1959-73
  • Member, Greater Anchorage School Board
  • President, Greater Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (1946)
  • President, Alaska Bar Association
  • American Judicature Association