John M. Cross

Name: John M. Cross

City: Kotzebue

District: 8

Occupation: Pilot, Businessman

Born: March 1, 1895- Goddard, Kansas

Death: November 1981- Kotzebue, Alaska

Burial Location: Family fish camp on Cape Espenberg, southwest of Kotzebue

Alaska Resident: 1934-81

Convention Posts:

  • Chairman, Committee on Resolutions and Recommendations
  • Member, Committee on Local Government

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"A number of years ago, I had this matter brought very forcefully to my mind, because of a certain murder case of which I was interested in the prosecution. In this particular case, the man was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life. He served only a few years. That brought this situation to my mind, and I investigated the situation in the territory. I found that the average man convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, served shortly a small amount over 12 years. A great many pardons were made on the quiet."

-Delegate John M. Cross, Day 53 of the Constitutional Convention, addressing the pardoning power of the governor

Education: University of Ottawa (Canada)

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Member, Aeronautics and Communications Commission - 1939-53
  • Kotzebue Electic Association - 1946-53
  • Alaska Judicial Council - 1940's