John C. Boswell
John C. Boswell

City: Fairbanks

District: 21

Occupation: Mining Engineer and Manager, US Smelting, Refining and Mining Company

Born: August 19, 1905 - Vale, Oregon

Death: December, 1978 - Salem, Oregon

Burial Location: City View Cemetery - Salem, Oregon

Alaska Resident: 1932-?

Convention Posts:

  • Member, Committee on Resources
  • Member, Committee on Executive Branch

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"I just have a few thoughts to leave with the delegates. In my estimation, one of the important things of this Convention is to prove to the United States, to the Congress, that we are politically mature. I think they are looking at that very thing... I would like to have everyone to consider the effects that the inclusion of anything in our Constitution may have in regard to statehood. "

-Delegate John C. Boswell, Day 69 of the Constitutional Convention

Education: University of Oregon, University of Alaska, B.A.