Lucien "Frank" Barr
Lucien "Frank" Barr

City: Fairbanks

District: 21

Occupation: Pilot, US Marshal

Born: August 23, 1903 - Lawrence County, Colorado

Death: April, 1983 - Grants Pass, Oregon

Burial Location: Hillcrest Memorial Park - Grants Pass, Oregon

Alaska Resident: 1932-56

Convention Posts:

  • Member, Committee on Finance and Taxation
  • Member, Committee on Executive Branch
  • Member, Advisory Committee on Committees

Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President, I met with some of the attorney members on the matter of this amendment of mine and at first they did not exactly agree, but with great effort, bloodshed was avoided."

-Delegate Frank Barr, Day 40 of the Constitutional Convention

Education: Public Schools in Illinois and Iowa

Public Offices and Organizations:

  • Territorial Senate - 1949-53, 55-59
  • US Marshal, Fourth Judicial District - 1951
  • Member, Alaska Aeronautics Commission

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