Information for High School Administrators

The UA Scholars designation process takes place between May 1 - October 1. 

 Complete procedures and requirements can be found in the UA Scholars Award Handbook

How To Designate

  1. Review the UA Scholars Award Handbook.
  2. Appoint one professional staff member (typically a registrar) to serve as your school’s authorized representative.
  3. Complete the online designation process before school closes for the summer. 
    Eligibility for the UA Scholars Award is based on academic standing at the end of the junior year. Enter the total number of students in the top 10 percent, even if it is ZERO. 
  4. Be sure the mailing addresses are correct before you designate your UA Scholars. Within 30 days of designation, the UA Scholars Program will send official notification of the Award to the addresses you provide. Good emails and phone numbers for UA Scholars will help us celebrate them and connect them with university resources.

Appeals and Reconsiderations

Students not designated at the end of their junior year, but in the top 10 percent of their class after all grades are posted at the end of their senior year, may submit a written request for Eligibility Reconsideration to the UA Scholars Program Administrator. Complete rules can be found in the UA Scholars Award Handbook.