Information for High School Administrators

Each eligible high school in Alaska is responsible for notifying the UA Scholars Program about the students who qualify for the UA Scholars Award through the Designation Process which takes place from May 1 - October 1 each year. 

The Award is a distinguished honor and your students look forward to the recognition. It represents their superlative academic record of achievement and effort. Many will use the distinction to obtain additional scholarships, as a resume builder, or even part of their college application.  Complete procedures and requirements can be found in the High School Administrator Handbook

How To Designate

  1. Appoint one professional staff member to serve as the UA Scholars authorized representative.
  2. Watch the web-based training and review the High School Administrator Handbook every year before completing the designation process.
  3. Check and double-check your list before submitting it. Your students are counting on you!
  4. Complete the online designation process before school closes for the summer.  Eligibility for the UA Scholars Award is based on academic standing at the end of the junior year. If you currently have no juniors, complete the online process indicating that you have no students in your junior class.
  5. Official notification of the Award will come from the UA Scholars Program Administrator. 
  6. In late April, the UA Scholars Program will mail UA Scholar recognition certificates to school counselors. We encourage you to present them to your UA Scholars at your scholarship awards or graduation ceremonies.

Appeals and Reconsiderations

Students who were not designated at the end of their junior year, but are in the top 10 percent of their class after all grades are posted at the end of their senior year, may submit a written request for Eligibility Reconsideration to the UA Scholars Program Administrator. Complete rules can be found in the High School Administrator Handbook.