Vice Chancellor of Research - Aaron Dotson

Aaron Dotson

Aaron Dotson

Vice Chancellor of Research

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

4500 Diplomacy Drive, Suite 10 Anchorage, AK 99508


As associate vice chancellor for research, Dotson’s role is to support research and creative activity at UAA at all levels — from conception to completion and commercialization. To do that, the overarching Office of Research is divided into three functions, starting with the Office of Sponsored Programs, which helps researchers prepare project proposals and secure funding and awards for their work. Next is the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, which works to maintain safety and ethicality on all projects while adhering to federal guidelines and considerations unique to Alaska. Finally, Seawolf Holdings looks to the future by supporting researchers with the licensing of intellectual property by securing patents and exploring possible commercial applications for their work. 
Ultimately, all three offices work in harmony to accomplish a single function.