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Tonia Dousay

Tonia Dousay

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Dr. Tonia A. Dousay is a first-generation college graduate and the daughter of two U.S. Navy veterans. Known by her students as "Dr. D," Tonia graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Science and M.S. in Agricultural Education from Texas A&M University, finding inspiration in experiential education and nontraditional approaches to learning.

With more than 20 years of project management experience in PK-20, industry, and law enforcement/military learning environments, she now holds a Ph.D. in Learning, Design & Technology from the University of Georgia.

Tonia's lifelong love of learning has taken her to the University of Wyoming as an Assistant Professor (2013-2017); the University of Idaho as an Assistant/Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Assessment & Accreditation (2017, 2019-2022); and the University of Alaska Anchorage as the Dean of the School of Education (2022-Present).