New Human Resources organization to go-live Sept. 16

On May 6, UA announced a system-wide redesign of human resources into a unified office organized by areas of functional expertise. The directors of each functional area began reporting to the Chief Human Resources Officer and working on finalizing implementation and training plans this summer. All other Human Resources staff that went through the redesign process will officially start in their new capacity Sept. 16, 2019. By creating a single human resources organization with a unified presence on all campuses we can benefit from the shared scope of services as well as utilize the knowledge on the local campuses to provide a higher level of service overall.

The new UA HR organization utilizes functional areas:

  • Operations (Dir. Michelle Pope): accounting, payroll, personnel, HR systems, and front-line customer service

  • Talent Acquisition (Interim Dir. Tara Ferguson): recruitment, hiring processes, compensation best practices

  • Transition & Benefits (Dir. Erika Van Flein): employee onboarding and offboarding as well as benefits management 

  • Labor & Employee Engagement (Dir. Glenn Gambrell): labor relations, employee engagement, training opportunities 


What is the same?

There are no changes to local embedded HR support staff (PPAs and CCC) in the department. Please continue to conduct business as usual.

HR office locations in Anchorage and Juneau are not changing.

What is changing?

Contact HR at or 907-450-8200. In addition, HR is implementing a new service management system, Spoke, where employees can easily ask questions or request services. Learn more about Spoke here.  

Employees in Fairbanks will go to 212 Butrovich Building. 

Information from local websites is being integrated into the new HR site ( as it transitions into the OU Campus platform. The new site will go live Sept. 15 but may still link to legacy web pages until the transition is complete.

For more information on the HR Transformation, please visit