2024 Wellness Program Information

September 1, 2023

REMINDER The FY24 plan year is here!

There have been a few minor changes to the FY24 Wellness Program. Employees now need 8 points total - a required Health Risk Assessment, a required biometric screening, and 6 additional points to qualify for the rebate. Review the Wellness Program webpage for more information.

REMINDER Invite your Spouse/FIP to the Wellness Plan!

If you have a spouse/FIP that is on your UA Choice Medical Plan with you, you can now send them an email to invite them to the program

Remember, spouses/FIPs can earn up to a $600 rebate on medical plan premiums, too, if they complete the program themselves. If you and your spouse complete the program - that's up to $1,200!

To invite your spouse/FIP, log into the Wellness Program Portal using your single-sign on. Then, on the right side of the home page, you will see a box where you will type the first name, last name, and email of your spouse/FIP for them to receive the invitation!

As a reminder, the rebates are paid out in November of each year. To qualify, you must 

(1) complete the program by the previous June 30, 

(2) be on a UA Choice MEDICAL plan when the rebate pays out

(3) be a current employee when the rebate pays out.