Appropriations Priorities

The University of Alaska (UA) system is committed to excellence in education, research, and public service. In delivering on that three-part mission, the Board of Regents is focused on increasing educational attainment, advancing economic development, providing a highly skilled workforce, growing our world class research, and doing all of it in a more cost-effective manner. 

The UA system submits appropriations requests (a.k.a. earmarks, plus ups and programmatic requests) to Alaska's Members of Congress in an effort to secure federal funds to support our three-part mission. On this page you will find information on how the UA system is currently managing appropriations requests and links to prior years appropriations requests made to Alaska's Members of Congress. 

FY25 Appropriations Requests

The UA system has completed the FY 25 federal appropriations requests submission process. All approved FY 25 requests have been submitted to the applicable Alaska Member of Congress for consideration. 
You can view which FY 25 appropriations requests were submitted and the status of the request on the Federal Relations Shared Drive in the UA Federal Appropriations Requests - UA FY 25 Appropriations Requests folder. We will update the status spreadsheet as Congress works through the FY 25 appropriations process. 
Going forward, we estimate the following timeline for consideration of the UA system's FY 25 appropriations requests:
  • Late-April/May 2024 (Estimated): Alaska members review requested submitted, determine which requests to support and make public the requests that they did support; proposers will be notified about the status of their respective request(s)
  • Summer 2024 (Estimated): House and Senate Appropriations Committees review requests and decide which will receive some or all of the requested funding in the relevant Appropriations bill; proposers will be notified about the status of their respective request(s)
  • Fourth Quarter 2024: Congress passes (ideally) the appropriations bills that include requests; proposers will be notified about the status of their respective request(s)
  • First Quarter of 2025: Federal agencies provide instructions on how to access funding for requests; the Office of Government Relations will share instructions with proposer

Previous Years' Information