Research Accounting

Agency Codes Detail Detail
Budget Request Form - Fund Detail Detail
Budget Request Form - Grant Detail Detail
FGITBAL - Understanding Application of Payments Detail
FGR2FMA - Research Accounting Matching Report Detail Quick
FRAAREV - Grant Payment Process Detail
FRABDCN - Unbilled Status Control Detail
FRABRUN - Run Standard Bills and Reports Detail Quick
FRABUDG - Grant Budget Process Detail Quick
FRABUDP - Proposal Budget Process Detail Quick
FRAEVGA - Event Assignment Detail Quick
FRAGENB - Generic Bill Form Detail Quick
FRAGRNT - Grant Process Detail Quick
FRAPROP - Proposal Process Detail Quick
FRAUNAP - Un-Applying Payments on Grants Detail
FRI2KND - Grant In-Kind Match Review Detail Quick
FRIAPPL - Grant Application of Payments Query Detail
FRIGENB - Generic Inquiry Bill Detail Quick
FRR2INV - UA Billing Invoice Selection Detail Quick
FRR134B - Standard 1034 Billing Form Detail Quick
FRR165B - 165A Billing Form Detail Quick
FRR270B - Standard 270 Billing Form Detail Quick
FRR270L - Form 270 Long Grant Billing Detail Quick
FRR272B - Standard 272 Billing Form Detail Quick
FRR2REG - Generic Bill Print Detail Quick
FRRBREV - Grant Billing Reversal Detail
FRV2TMF - Theme Codes Detail
FRVCFDA - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Detail
FTMFMGR - Financial Manager Detail
FTMFUND - Sponsored Programs Fund Creation Detail Quick
FTMINDD - Indirect Cost Distribution Detail Quick
FTMINDR - Indirect Cost Rate Codes Detail
Grant Billing Process Detail
Grant Invoice Printing Detail
Grant Matching Detail Detail
Grant Queries and Reports Detail Detail
Grant Refund Process Detail Detail
Grant Reports and Printing Detail Detail
QA Research Accounting Detail Detail
Recommended Grant Process Flow Chart Detail
Sensitive Items Workflow Processing Detail Detail
TRR2AGE - Aging Analysis Report Detail Detail
TRRAGES - Aging Analysis Report Detail Detail
TRRCOLL - Grants Collection Report Detail Quick
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