Vista Plus

Vista Plus is an extremely easy to use client server application for distributing, viewing and managing reports online. It allows the University to automatically capture reports as they are generated and store them in a central reports warehouse.

More information can be found in the Vista Plus Finance Documentation

Access UA Vista Plus with

Note: Vista Plus requires a Java Enabled browser. Use this link to access the Java Client Auto Installer

Finance reports that can be viewed in Vista Plus
FGR2COE Monthly Committed Open Encumbrances
FGR2COE_WKLY Weekly Committed Open Encumbrances
FGR2MRP UAA Organization Status by Sub-Account
FGR2UOE Monthly Uncommitted Open Encumbrances
FGR2UOE_WKLY Weekly Uncommitted Open Encumbrances
FGRACTH Account Hierarchy
FGRBDSC Budget Status Current Year
FGRFNDH Fund Hierarchy
FGRGLTA General Ledger Detail Transactions
FGRIDOC Incomplete Document Listing
FGRODTA Organizational Detail Activity
FGRORGH Organization Hierarchy
FGRPRGH Program Hierarchy
FGRTRNR Transaction Error Report
FRRGITD Grant Inception to Date
TGRAGES Aging Analysis