Student Ambassadors

(clockwise from top left): Student Ambassadors Badola, Stadler, Borries-Strigle and MacArthur

In 2021, Alaska NSF EPSCoR began a new "Student Ambassador" program, through which a pair of EPSCoR graduate students work with program leads to brainstorm content for student meetings and events. The program came about in response to student requests for more activities that linked them to other EPSCoR students across the project. 

Since then, the ambassadors have initiated a number of activities aimed at improving students' experiences in EPSCoR. They helped organize students through a number of meetings and through a Discord channel. Then, in response to student requests, they helped to organize a number of presentations aimed at exposing students to job opportunities and career pointers. These include:

Each year, one student ambassador from the Coastal Margins component and one from the Boreal Fires component are selected to serve a one-year term. The 2021-22 ambassadors were Marine Biology Master's student Maddie MacArthur and Atmospheric Science Ph.D student Cecelia Borries-Strigle. 2021 ambassadors were Marine Biology Master's student Lindsey Stadler and Geoscience Ph.D student Anushree Badola. For more information on the program and activities contact Tara Borland.