Science Olympiad Volunteering Information

Science Olympiad needs volunteers to help make this special event amazing and running smoothly! We need volunteers to take the lead on organizing as Event Coordinators, and we need general help volunteers on the days of the tournament. 

All volunteers must complete the 10-minute online Science Olympiad volunteer training.

Volunteer Roles

Science Olympiad Organizing Volunteers

Event Coordinators take the lead on organizing one of the events in the Science Olympaid tournament. Event Coordinators must familiarize themselves with Science Olympiad rules, scoring policies, and code of ethics.

For resources for Event Coordinators see the National Science Olympiad resources page for Event Coordinators and contact Angie Wohlford.

We have plenty of Event Coordinators committed for Science Olympiad 2024, hurray! However, if you would like to assist a particular event alongside the Event Coordinator, you can sign up to be an Event Volunteer (see below).


Day-of Tournament Volunteers

Event Volunteers assist an Event Coordinator with running a particular Science Olympiad tournament event.
Registration Table Volunteers check in Science Olympiad teams that are arriving in the morning on Day 1.
Tournament Logistics Volunteers are on-hand helpers to assist with needs that come up throughout the tournament. Tournament Logistics Volunteers can sign up to help on Day 1, Day 2 or both.
Help Table Volunteers staff the Help Table, which is a centrally located station for participants to get help or information throughout the tournament. There will be information, walkie-talkies, and a first aid kit at the Help Table. Help Table Volunteers can sign up to help on Day 1, Day 2 or both.