External Audit Notifications

External Audits

External audits in higher education are a fact of life.  We recognize the opportunity external audits provide to demonstrate our dedication to the transparency and stewardship of resources. A&CS provides coordination for the external audits to assist units and departments across the University of Alaska.  For some external audits, we work closely with other departments such as the System Office of Fund Accounting, accreditation offices, and grants and contracts administration departments.

External Audit Types

The University of Alaska engages in external audits that are required and scheduled as well as external audits that are unplanned until we receive a notification from an external agency. An external audit may be initiated due to statutory or contractual provision, by a request or referral, or as a result of a complaint or other communication. Types of audits include financial, compliance, program, federal, or specialized purpose (for example: fraud, ethics or abuse investigation, research compliance, or an information technology review).

Annual external audits are performed by a contracted, external audit firm.  These include audits of UA’s financial statements, sponsored program compliance (also referred to as the Federal Single audit, Uniform Guidance audit, or the A-133 audit), and the consolidated endowment fund.

UAF and UAA engage in NCAA-required financial audits referred to as Agreed-Upon Procedures audits.  These are required every three years.

UA may also undergo external audits conducted by state or federal agencies. These audits cover topics such as:

  • E.g.: Title IX, Clery Act.
  • E.g.: sponsored program audits to ensure funds were used as intended.
  • E.g.: State legislative audits.
  • Information technology. g.: vendor software license compliance audit.
  • Investigations and other inquiries to follow-up on reports of noncompliance or financial irregularities.

External audits have an important part to play in accreditation.  It is imperative that notification of external audits is relayed promptly for all types of external audits, including:

  • Financial Aid
  • Clery Act
  • Title IX

This will ensure that accreditation notification requirements are met when certain types of external audits are performed and keep UA in good standing with the accrediting body.


If you receive notice or hear of anything that looks or sounds like an audit (e.g. audit, review, etc.), please provide notice (including any formal notices) to the contacts listed below immediately and someone will get back to you to provide coordination.

System Office:

Additionally, Specific to the Respective University:


  • Amanda Wall, Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services – aiwall@alaska.edu– 907-474-7552



  • Michael Ciri, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services – maciri@alaska.edu– 907-796-6570