Control Self-Assessments

We are pleased to provide a newly developed control self-assessment tool for common business processes and functions.  We are aiming to develop more self-assessment questionnaires.  If you have suggestions for a new self-assessment, or wish to suggest edits for any of the existing self-assessments, please contact Audit and Compliance Services.

A few notes about the self-assessments:

  • They are high-level and are not intended to incorporate every aspect of applicable policies, regulations, and procedures.
  • A department or unit may incorporate more stringent controls provided they do not conflict with applicable policies, regulations or procedures.
  • They are downloadable in Excel format.
  • You are not required to submit your responses to A&CS.
  • You may inquire with A&CS about use of the self-assessments, how to interpret the results, or to discuss potential control or process changes. We encourage you to discuss your questions about the self-assessments and results for your unit with your local leadership for their perspective and knowledge, too.

Self-Assessment Questionnaires: