Photos of Mentor Sites, Travels and Training


cheryl marilee  
Mentor Cheryl Childers snapped this photo of herself with fellow Mentor Marilee Nufer, whom she ran into at the Bethel Airport. An early sign of returning to a post-pandemic world. Photo: Cheryl Childers.  
caleb-cali-cheryl-jack Ryan and all
Caleb and Cali Taylor (left) stand next to Mentor Cheryl Childers, with Jack Ackerman. Photo: Cheryl Childers. RyanTefft, India Knight, cheryl, Shayle Allen, and Kaedy Masters. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Kat Kat
Kat Deem is an ECT in Bethel. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Kat is standing next to a working wall, where she's prompting her students to think critically. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Emma Emma
Emma Freestone is in her first year of teaching in Tuluksak. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Emma Freestone chats with one of her students. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Rose Braxtyn
Minto ECT, Rose Wolfe, works with her high school class. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Braxtyn Gerald, a high school teacher at Nenana High School, stands before her classroom. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
Cullen Cullen
Cullen Chandler is a first year teacher in Tuluksak. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla. Cullen leads a high school math lesson in his Tuluksak classroom. Photo: Sharon Barker-Attla.
jack and henry house fire
Jack Ackerman and Teaching Assistant Henry Kanulie pose in front of their 2nd Grade classroom in Akiachak. Henry has started his coursework to become a teacher. Photo: Cheryl Childers. People rush to a house fire in Akiachak, to assist with extinguishing it. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
House fire House fire
Water hoses were used in addition to extinguishers to put out a house fire in Akiachak, at the end of October. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Akiachak residents and teachers helped to extinguish the flames with extinguishers from all over the village. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
mathew taylor Cali Taylor
Mathew Taylor, a 1st year teacher in Akiachack, goes over a science lesson with his high school students. Photo: Cheryl Childers Cali Taylor, a 1st year teacher in Akiachak, works with her 1st grade class. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Arthur Taylor Athos Spinola
Arthur Taylor, a 2nd year ECT in Akiachak, meets with his mentor, Cheryl, on Halloween. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Athos Spinola, a 2nd year ECT in Akiachak, works with his 3rd grade class. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
India Knight India Knight
India Knight, a 1st year teacher in Nunapitchuk leads a 3rd grade science lesson in motion and speed. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Ms. Knight's 3rd graders get a brain break with a ball game. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Kaedy Kathleen
Kaedy Masters, a 1st year ECT in Nunapitchuk, teaches a lesson in her high school level class. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mentor Cheryl visits 1st year ECT, Rosalie Schiedler (born and raised in the Philippines) and 2nd year ECT, Kathleen 'Lit' Naneng (born and raised in Bethel), at Gladys Jung Elementary in Bethel. Both ECTs are teaching 3rd grade. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
LitNaneg Michelle
Miss Lit looks over a student's volcano art project after the class read and learned about this 'hot' topic. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Michelle Fedran teaching 5 years in Tununak (2021). Had a mentors for two years. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Rose Ryan
Miss Rose, as the students call her, records student responses at the white board for their English lesson on common and proper nouns. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mr. Ryan Teft, 2nd year ECT, leads HS students in an Algebra 1 lesson about solving absolute value equations.. Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Shayle Shayle
Shayle Allen, 1st year teacher in Nunapitchuk. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Ms. Allen works with her Nunapitchuk students on "CalendarHelp".  Photo: Cheryl Childers.
TJ Breakfast
TJ is a 2nd year teacher. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Mentors need to find healthy meals while traveling! Photo: Cheryl Childers.
ECT snowmachine ride to bethel
Hal Neace's Eek School ECTs in LKSD,  Brittany Smith and Hannah Shovlin are both first-year educators.  They were supposed to fly out of Eek in December, but  flights were canceled. The school maintenance man took them by snowmachine to Bethel (a 2 hour ride) to catch the evening jet, where they managed to catch their flights for the holidays. Photo: Hal Neace.



Bob Ed My word
Mentor Bob Williams, working remotely. Mentor Ed Sotelo, working remotely. An important message written by a student.


Molly molly nelson class
Molly Nelson, 1st year teacher, in her Tok 4th grade classroom. Photo: Sharon Attla. Mentor Sharon Attla meets with her ECTs via Zoom. Photo: Sharon Attla.


Jessica Jessica
One of Sharon's ECTs, Jessica Winkler, also a 1st year teacher in Tok, works on lessons. Photo: Sharon Attla. Jessica Winkler works with her students. Photo: Sharon Attla.


Tamara Cathy McIntyre Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass
Tamara Trefon is a 1st year teacher at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik School in Bethel which is a Yup'ik Immersion school. She teaches the entire Yugtun curriculum. Photo: Cheryl Childers. Cathy McIntyre is teaching Yugtun reading, writing and
science for 2nd & 3rd grade in her home village.  Photo: Cheryl Childers.
Layers of clouds parting revealing rivers flowing in the Anaktuvuk Pass area. Photo: Lindy Kinn.


Utgiagvik Classroom Flying over Anaktuvuk Pass
Mentor Hal Neace is surrounded by 5th graders in Brett Steven's classroom in Utgiagvik. Photo: Brett Stevens. Mentor Lindy Kinn took this photo while traveling over Anaktuvuk Pass.


2nd grader sews mittens Arctic Sunrise
A second grader in Pt. Lay sews mittens. Photo: Hal Neace. Sunrise near Utgiagvik. Photo: Hal Neace.
Utgiagvik Football Flying over Point Hope
Barrow High School Football team in Utqiaġvik hosts a game playing a visiting village. Photo: Hal Neace. Flying over Point Hope. Photo: Hal Neace.
Margaret Brooks Range
Margaret Baca a 1st year teacher in Tanana, where a couple of puppies sometimes follow her to school. Photo: Sharon Attla The Brooks Range protrudes above a blanket of clouds. Photo: Lindy Kinn.
2nd Grader sewed mittens Arctic Ocean
A second grader in Pt. Lay sews mittens. Photo: Hal Neace. The Arctic Ocean near Utqiagvik Notice the polygonal shape of the permafrost in the foreground. Photo: Hal Neace.
Utgiagvik Directional Sign Beach in Point Hope
Utgiagvik's directional sign. Photo: Hal Neace. Point Hope Beach. Photo: Hal Neace.
Making Agutaq Frieda Grierson and Hal Neace
Making akutaq in the classroom. Photo: Hal Neace. Mentor Hal Neace poses with Frieda Grierson, one of his ECTs. Photo: Hal Neace.



Boardwalk Tuttu
A boardwalk in Noatak begins where the road ends. Photo: Chris Walker.
Tuttu is 'Caribou' in Iñupiaq. This poster board outside a NWABSD classroom also labels the other parts of the tuttuPhoto: Chris Walker.
Atchagat is 'Alphabet' in Iñupiaq. Notice there are  24 Iñupiaq  letters, many that are in English, and some that aren't. Photo: Chris Walker.
Chris Walker's ECT in Noatak ended up adopting a dog while teaching in the village. Photo: Chris Walker.
 flying into nowatak  maureen petrunic
 Flying over the Noatak river. Photo: Chris Walker.
Mentor Maureen Petrunic rides a sled pulled by a snowmachine to the airstrip in a SWRSD village. Photo: Chris Walker.
shoe shelf
Ikiliqiri (definition soon to come). Photo: Chris Walker.
An encouraging shoe shelf in the school of one of Chris' village sites. Photo: Chris Walker.
noatak resource room
Thank yous
The signboard outside of Ms. Meredith's classroom is filled with thank you notes to Mentor Chris Walker, from the students. Photo: Chris Walker.
Mentor Chris Walker  arranged the donation of books to area schools. Photo: Chris Walker.
 Kusko ice road  Nuiqsut
 The Kuskokwim ice road is a method of travel in the SW region. Photo: Courtesy of Sandi Immel-Boyd.
 The porch leading to the Nuiqsut teacher housing is packed with wind blown snow. Photo: Lindy Kinn.
Lindy  Two seater
Mentor Lindy Kinn with her ECT Steven Bridwell, helping to make qaspeqs. Photo: Courtesy of Lindy Kinn. Small planes are also called "taxi's" in rural Alaska. Photo: Sandi Immel-Boyd.


Mentor sites mentors art project
A map lights up mentor sites where their ECTs are Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
Mentors share efforts working on a group art project. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
mentors art project
The Sun illuminates mentors as they work together on the shared art project.  Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff. Trish Johnsten was ASMP Coordinator for numerous years. Photo: Monique Musick.


mentors mentors and ects
Mentors spill down the stairs at the Anchorage BP Center. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
Mentors, ECTs, Staff and leaders gather to meet and discuss issues. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
Kellie with teachers
laurel and charlie
Michelle Thomason and Kellie Pitman share with each other and teachers, information about ASMP.  Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff. Laurel Dietz was the ASMP Lead Researcher for a number of years. Here she's speaking with Mentor Charlie Costello.  Photo: K-12 Outreach.
mentors teachers
 Mentor Marie Angaiak speaks with Anchorage State Representative Andy Josephson. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
 Michelle Thomason and Kellie Pitman speaking with Anchorage educators. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
outside bp center
work for the day
 Outside the BP Center in Anchorage, in August, during ASMP's Startup for mentors. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
 Mentors post huge worksheets in the room of what they're learning and using in their mentoring trade. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.


dave betty kirstie
Mentor Dave Boyd takes a break at the Start Up workshop. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
Betty Walters and Kirstie Willean discuss some of the finer points of mentoring. Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff.
debbie cathe laurel monica
Mentors Debbie Hawkins and Cathé Rhodes share examples of methods in mentoring.  Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff. Laurel Dietz (on right) with Education Northwest's Monica Cox, at the Start Up social event.  Photo: K-12 Outreach.
sue marie trish woody
 Mentors Sue McIntosh and Marie Angaiak join ASMP Program Coordinator Trish Johnston enjoy a break, walking on the Coastal Trail. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
 Woody Wilson works on some of the training assignments given to mentors by their trainers. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.


sue mentor startup
Mentor Sue McIntosh  listens intently to the discussion at Mentor Start Up.  Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff. Mentors, Staff and Leaders attend a social gathering in the evening following Start Up activities.  Photo: K-12 Outreach.
jan john and beth
Cultural Coordinators Jan Littlebear humors her companion as she deflects the camera. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
 Beth Hartley and John Nielsen work together on some training exercises. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.


esther nita esther
K-12 Cultural Board Advisors and veteran teachers Arnaq Yurrliq Nita Rearden and Esther Ilutsik share their cultural knowledge with the mentors.  Photo: K-12 Outreach Staff. Arnaq Esther Ilutsik answers mentors' questions.  Photo: K-12 Outreach.
brenda ann carol hal
 Mentors Brenda Luthi and Ann Ness take questions following their presentation to their colleagues. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
 Mentors Hal Neace and Carol Jerue discuss their presentation with fellow mentors. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
cindy and more
dave sue debbie cathe chris
 Mentors Cyndi Petrovich and Kris Spellman discuss the finer points of mentoring. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
Mentors Dave Boyd, Sue McIntosh, Debbie Hawkins, Cathé Rhodes and Chris Walker continue discussion following a Start Up session. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
equinox training
gambell thomas
 Staff members Eric Muehling and Craig Baldwin took interested mentors out for an Equinox training run after a long day of mentor training. Photo: Eric Muehling.
UA President Patrick Gambell and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dana Thomas present at ASMP Start Up for the mentors. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
hal ed deb kellie
Mentors Charlie Costello, Ed Sotelo, Deb McCabe and Kellie Pitman continue discussing mentor topics following a Start Up session. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff. Cultural Coordinator Jan Littlebear presents material to the mentors. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
lindy marie
Mentors Lindy Kinn and Marie Angaiak continue their discussion in the hallways of K-12 Outreach offices. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff. Mentors and K-12 Staff listen to President Gambell. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
mentors walk
gambell thomas
Mentors went for walks on University trails in the evening.. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff. President Gambell and Vice President of Academic Affairs presenting to the mentors and K-12 Staff. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.
woody diane
Mentors Woody Wilson and Diane Klatt work together on an assignment. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff. Arnaq Esther Ilutsik answers questions from her ASMP audience. Photo: K-12 Outreach staff.