ASMP Goals
The validated, researched-based outcomes of ASMP include:
  1. Improved quality of instruction
  2. Increased teacher retentions
  3. Improved student achievement by addressing 1 and 2


  How ASMP benefits students in Alaskan communities

The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) has been supporting early career teachers in all of Alaska’s 54 school districts since its inception in 2003.  ASMP provides first and second year teachers with mentors who are experienced Alaskan teachers highly trained to deliver personalized support.

Our vision: Every student in Alaska has the benefit of a great teacher.  

Our mission:  Give new teachers the support they need to succeed.

Our validated research-based outcomes of ASMP include:  1) student learning, 2) teacher retention, and 3) teacher quality.  Mentored teachers not only stay in the profession longer than other teachers, but they achieve greater professional efficacy over the course of their careers, with greater gains in student achievement.

Mentors integrate culture and equity into coaching conversations. Using Cultural, Teaching, and Content standards, mentors facilitate teacher’s reflection in making learning relevant for all students by connecting curriculum content knowledge with the students’ culture, life experiences, “funds” of knowledge, community, and interests.  

We are non-evaluative and although we enjoy and benefit from partnerships with districts, we do not report to them.  Mentors are full-release educators who individualize their support to each teacher’s goals and just-in-time needs. This is embedded professional development at its finest. 

ASMP operates under the K-12 Outreach umbrella at the University of Alaska Fairbanks under the School of Education, and is committed to partnerships that support quality education for Alaska.


  Other Roles:

ASMP also has mentor-trainers who train teacher leaders in districts who are growing their own cadre of mentors.

We offer the Early Career Teacher Induction course through UAF (ED593) so mentees can earn continuing education credits while working with their mentors. 

We have eight specific Best-practice Forums available as 2-hour workshops.  These college-level courses were designed based upon Early Career Teacher requests for additional guidance.  Topics include: Working with Paraprofessionals; Effective Reading Practices; Engaging Students, Families & Communities; Social Emotional Learning; Classroom Leadership; Meeting the Needs of Students with FASD and ADHD; Supporting Academic Language Development for English Learners and Non-Standard English Speakers; Assessment & Differentiation of Instruction.

Feel free to contact Program Manager Sue McIntosh about the program, cost-sharing, training teachers in your district to be mentors, workshops, or ways to secure mentoring for your district/school: (907) 590-7490.