Mentor Biography

Michael Dunleavy


Mike Dunleavy was the Program Manager for the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project. Each year, the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project connects highly trained mentors, fully released from their teaching duties, to serve the needs of over 375 teachers new to the profession across Alaska. As the Program Manager, Mike oversaw the partnerships between the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, the University of Alaska statewide system, and participating school districts throughout the state.

Mike graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with an M.Ed. in Cross-cultural Education and School Leadership. Over the past 20 years, his previous roles in school administration have included principal, director of various district office departments, and superintendent of rural schools.

Mike enjoyed the challenges of the position and working collaboratively with various entities to improve student achievement in Alaska.


"We are on the cutting edge and lead the nation in the concept of teacher mentoring nationwide. It is our hope that such work will leave a deep and lasting impact on student achievement for all students."