Mentor Biography

Debbie Hawkins


In 2004 Debbie Hawkins joined the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP) in supporting early career teachers in the education profession. As a Trainer and Professional Development Leader (2006), she works with colleagues from both the New Teacher Center and ASMP to deliver current, professional information to help guide mentors in building their "toolbox" of expertise. In 2009 she became a Lead Mentor, facilitating and modeling through Coaching and Shadowing opportunities. In this role, Debbie teams with an ASMP mentor in order to provide direction, guidance and focus to the mentor's work. Together, they are able to problem-solve challenging situations and move classroom practices forward, benefiting not only the mentor, but the classroom teacher and his/her students. The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project is constantly striving to improve its ability to address the needs of early career teachers and their students through the work of mentors, and as a Management Team Member (2009), Debbie serves with other professional leaders in making positive, program-based decisions.

Debbie received her B. S. degree from Montana State University and her M. A. degree from Cambridge College in Boston. In 1976, she accepted her first teaching position in Point Hope, Alaska, followed by numerous years of teaching special education in Fairbanks.

It is her belief that every child deserves a positive and productive educational experience. Strengthening our individual skills allows all educators to increase their productivity.