President Johnsen takes questions from the crowd during the 2016 State of the University Address in Fairbanks. The 2017 address will be given on February 16 as part of the Juneau/State Chamber Business Round Table Luncheon in Juneau. Photo by Olivia Baker

System News January 2017

  • University leadership hears options in Phase II of the Strategic Pathways process
  • Strategic Pathways Phase I and II Data
  • Drive the Change Campaign - University of Alaska
  • Capitol Report - January. 23, 2017
  • Johnsen to present State of the University Address in Juneau

University leadership hears options in Phase II of the Strategic Pathways process

Eight review teams presented 37 options to UA President Jim Johnsen and senior university leaders on Jan. 18, completing the initial program review in Phase II of the three-phase Strategic Pathways process. Strategic Pathways is designed to study the university’s academic programs and administrative services for strengthening both service to the state and cost effectiveness.

Team reports offered options in four academic areas –  Community Campuses, e-Learning, Allied Health and Fisheries – and four administrative areas –  Institutional Research, University Relations, Student Services and Human Resources. Team reports and options with pros/cons are available at http://www.alaska.edu/pathways/phase-2/. Feedback forms also are available on the site for university and community input.  MORE...

Strategic Pathways Phase I and II Data

For a quick look at data relating to Phase 1 and Phase 2 you can download this Strategic Pathways infographic.

Johnsen to present State of the University Address in Juneau

The 2017 State of the University Address will be given by President Johnsen on February 16 as part of the Juneau/State Chamber Business Round Table Luncheon at the Hangar in Juneau. Arrangements are being made to provide video streaming of the speech. The transcript will be available on www.alaska.edu by February 17.

Drive the Change - University of Alaska

The University of Alaska is launching a privately-funded public awareness campaign designed to highlight the important role the university plays in educating Alaskans to meet our state’s increasingly diverse workforce needs by raising awareness about the “65 by 2025” initiative, which calls for 65 percent of working-age Alaskans to hold postsecondary credentials – from apprenticeship or certificate completion to advanced degrees – by 2025. DriveChangeAK.org encourages Alaskans to play a role in creating a culture of education; Alaskans can pledge their support of this goal online by joining the Change Force.

The campaign will include:

  • Digital ads placed on major online news sites and social media advertising, and radio commercials.
  • All advertising will direct the user to a unique website to view the Change Force video and sign up via Facebook to join the effort to raise awareness about the value the university brings to Alaska.
  • Limited television advertising including an ad to be aired within Alaska during the Feb. 5th Super Bowl.
  • A accompanying public relations campaign will focus on creating public forums, developing creative social media interaction, national media relations and other interactive outreach efforts.

“We operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said UA President Jim Johnsen, “and not only is it important that we create awareness about the university, but it’s important that we promote the university’s value to Alaska as we seek to build a prosperous future. This campaign invites students, parents, business leaders and the public to join us in leading the change we need to prepare the future workforce our state needs.”
The campaign will allow each campus to focus their respective promotions on ongoing student recruitment and enrollment efforts. The website can be found at www.DriveChangeAK.org

Capitol Report

January 23, 2017

Greetings from Juneau and welcome to the Capitol Report.

Last Tuesday, the 30th Alaska State Legislature gaveled-in to begin the first day of their 90-day legislative session here in Juneau. While there are many familiar faces in the building this year, we have an unusually large freshman class of both legislators and staff. Nearly one-quarter of the elected members are new and the House will be led by a bipartisan coalition. It’s clear that the entire legislature will need a little more time than normal to settle in.

My name is Miles Baker and I’m the new Associate Vice President, Government Relations. I’m extremely honored to be at the University of Alaska and working on your behalf. It’s my job to advocate for the university’s policy priorities, legislative agenda, and most importantly, our operating and capital budgets. I’ll be based in Juneau for the duration of the session, working out of the office the university maintains in the historic Ebner Building just across the street from the State Capitol.  MORE...

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