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Wanted: kitty litter buckets

Wanted: used plastic kitty litter buckets. Contact Arthur at amhusseyiii@alaska.edu or 450-8193.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta to Support Heart Health

Save the date: May 5, 2017  
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta to Support Heart Health 
11:30 - 1:30 pm  
$10.00 - will give you a chance to vote on the best of the best at the fiesta! 
Cooks Wanted: Bring in your award winning Mexican dish for a special taste-off. Winners will receive fabulous recognition.  To sign  up, please visit:   http://goo.gl/forms/iXeZn9JunS
Food and drinks must fit within the "Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!" theme. 
Virgin drinks only por favor! Who makes a mean virgin margarita? 
- Points for flavor 
- Points for costumes 
- Points for creative table layout 
New this year will be a silent auction. We have already collected a number of items, and if you would like to contribute a item to the silent auction please contact Lael Oldmixon. 

And don't forget to JOIN US for the Heart Walk: http://www2.heart.org/goto/butro   
Buffy Kuiper
Lael Oldmixon 
Camille Carpenter 
Emily Youcha 
Glacier Kuiper 
James Milburn 
Jane Vohden
Kagen Kramer
Linda Hall 
Linda Toth 
Liz Bowman 
Michelle Pope 
Sarah Villalon 
Tammi Weaver 

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