Photos by Statewide Staff

Curried Alaskan

A selection of Images from Kate Ripley's India Blog

I fell in love with the lightweight weave of the Kerala saris, which are pleated over the shoulder in a narrower band than I’ve seen in Maharashtra and elsewhere.
Kids atop an elephant in Thekkady, India.
A tree on the way up to the top of Duke’s Nose. I liked how it looked so dark against the emerald backgrop. The Sahyadri Hills, also known as the Western Ghats, surround the Pune area and are just stunning once you get off the main roads and out of the cities.
A field worker lets Rachel snip some tea leaves off a bush. Leaves are collected off the plants every two weeks.
A boat aptly named sits in the placid waters of the Ganges River at Varanasi.
Women along the Ganges River.
Two men perform a Kathakali dance at the Kerala Cultural Centre in Kochi.

Early Alaska Summer Blooms

Photos by Monique Musick

Wild roses bloom briefly in June.
White dogwood flowers blanket the forest floor.
Like summer itself, irises were late blooming this year.
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