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This house is conveniently located off of Farmer's Loop on Ski Boot Hill, with close proximity to UAF and multiple ski trails. School buses en route to Pearl Creek, Randy Smith and West Valley stop at the end of the driveway. It is south facing, receiving plenty of light and sun. There is an excellent view of the city and the Alaska Range. The property is well-isolated and spacious, with two lawns (one in front of the house and one behind). The house has four bedrooms, including one large master bedroom with a bay window. There are two walk-in closets. Recent updates include new finish on exterior walls, repainted interior and an energy efficiency upgrade.

For details - http://www.zillow.com/homes/1306Wideview,-Fairbanks,-AK_rb/

Golden Days Rubber Duckie Race Tickets

Golden Days Rubber Duckie Race tickets for sale! Come see Izzy, Butrovich suite 207. Tickets are $5 for PINK tickets or $10 for YELLOW tickets. I'll have tickets for sale till Friday, June 28!
-- Izzy Martinez, 450-8100

Vizio Flat Screen 37" LCD TV

TV has been sitting in my storage room anxiously awaiting me to set it up, then we upgraded over the holidays. TV does have the remote with it. $200 and it is yours!
-- Izzy Martinez, 450-8100

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