April 2013-Issue #76

Photo of hawk outside of the Butrovich building.
The scenic landscape outside of the Butrovich building: A hawk hovers in the wind on a snowy April day. Photo by Monique Musick.

System News

  • Industry and Agency Partners Show Strong FSMI Support During Board of Regents Meeting in Sitka
  • Open Enrollment Important Changes Outlined, Paperwork Due May 15
  • SDI Focuses Work Sessions on Deans, Directors to Implement Effect Goals
  • University of Alaska Graduating Class Increases for Fifth Consecutive Year
  • UA Aims to Produce Good Teachers and Help Keep Them in Alaska
  • Studying Our Schools: As Costs Grow, Districts Need to Know What Works
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  • Opportunity for Staff to Win Alaska Airline Tickets
  • New Travel & Expense Management Module Pilot Launched
  • The Capital Report: End of Session Status
  • Pick.Click.Give Results Announced, Foundation Offers Thanks
  • UA Regents meeting in Sitka highlights fisheries, art and distance delivery
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Conversations with UA

  • Q and A Conversation with Tammi Weaver MORE...



  • New Hires
  • Transition News� MORE...

Photo Galleries

  • Your Shot: Photos by Statewide Staff VIEW...

National View

  • A collection of stories reflecting national and state conversations concerning higher education and other issues. MORE...
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