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The Office of Public Affairs works proactively with community members, business leaders, researchers, parents, faculty and other members of the UA family to get out the good news about UA. We do this through press releases, social media, and through guest opinion columns and letters to the editor. In this “UA Perspectives” feature of the Statewide Voice, we’ll share some of the recent publications that have resulted from our collaboration.

If you have ideas for upcoming topics or themes, please contact Public Affairs Director Kate Ripley at 907/450-8102.

Living out the grad student dream at UAF while mentoring undergrad researchers

Rain dripped from the ancient forest canopy and trickled down the back of my neck as I crouched motionless behind a small spruce tree. A few meters away, a female deer had just given birth to twin fawns and was licking them clean. My field assistant and I had closely monitored this doe for weeks, and now the effort was about to pay off. We slowly approached as the mother deer moved off a few feet, keeping wide, anxious eyes on us as we weighed and collared her new offspring. Data in hand, we walked away to the soft bleats of the new family reuniting.� MORE...

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