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Opportunities, Obstacles Define Higher Education Innovation Landscape

WASHINGTON -- With the advent of new digital technologies, not only is higher education innovation strengthening the connections between institutions and students, but it will also enable schools to better help their students connect with potential employers and transition into the workplace.

The Huffington Post
CFPB Helped Hundreds of Private Student Loan Borrowers Resolve Problems With Lenders: Report
By Tyler Kingkade

October 25, 2013 -- Hundreds of college graduates facing hurdles repaying their private student loans are getting out of trouble with help from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new report finds.

University Business News
Blackboard announces integrated virtual classroom

Thursday, October 24, 2013 -- Blackboard Inc. has announced the release of an integrated virtual classroom that allows instructors to create and use Web conferencing tools such as video recording, instant messaging and voice discussion boards, all seamlessly integrated into Blackboard Learn™, the company’s flagship learning management system (LMS).

University Business News
American Student Assistance survey finds 75% of student debtors say debt impacted ability to buy a house

Thursday, October 3, 2013 -- American Student Assistance� today released a white paper, including the results of a new survey, which found young Americans are so strapped with student loan debt that they are being prevented and/or delayed from pursuing home ownership, starting a family, saving for retirement, starting a business, and pursuing a desired career field. According to the report, 75 percent of survey respondents indicated student loan debt affected their decision to purchase a home; 63 percent said their debt affected their ability to make large purchases, like a car; and nearly 50 percent said student debt impacted their ability to start a small business.

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Portland State University Offers 'Guarantee' Students Can Graduate In 4 Years, With Caveats
By Betsy Hammond

October 29, 2013 -- Trying to position itself as affordable in an era of rising student debt, Portland State University on Tuesday unveiled a guarantee that students who are extremely on the ball will be able to graduate in four years -- or get any fifth-year classes for free. Participating students "will have the sources and the advising they need to graduate in four years," President Wim Wiewel said.

Inside Higher Ed
College Counseling Matters
By Scott Jaschik

October 29, 2013 -- A theme of several studies in the last year has been that there are plenty of academically talented low-income students who for some combination of reasons are not applying to competitive colleges to which they would probably be admitted. A new study along those lines -- this time documenting the impact of intense college counseling -- was released Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The study (abstract available here) found that a nonprofit group that focuses on college counseling in Minneapolis-St. Paul had a significant impact in increasing the rate at which low-income students enrolled in four-year colleges, including competitive institutions.

Iowa State Daily
Some States Turn To Performance-Based Funding For College Success
By Mackensie Moore

Oct. 2, 2013 -- For over a decade, there has been an interest in kindergarten through 12th grade education using performance-based funding. Now the Obama administration has put an emphasis on using it at the post-secondary education level. The performance-based funding method allows states to implement laws and mandates to tie higher education funding to classroom performance.

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