UA Board of Regents approves the System Office Mission Statement

March 3, 2023

The Board of Regents formally approved a mission statement for the UA System Office during its February 24 meeting. The final language reflects revisions requested by members of the board at its November meeting, and will be added to Regents’ policy Chapter 01.01- Mission.

Through its support of the Board of Regents, the three universities with distinct missions, and their community campuses, the University of Alaska System Office advances higher education and honors the Indigenous and diverse peoples of Alaska. The University of Alaska System Office manages corporate responsibilities, strategically stewards shared resources, and works with the universities to implement Regents' policies and directions to align with current and future needs of the state.

The goal of developing an official mission statement was to build clarity behind the role of the System Office, ensure alignment with leadership vision and system priorities, create accountability, and develop a measure against which employees across the university system can evaluate the work they are doing and how it contributes to the mission of the University of Alaska system.

Now that the official statement has been approved by the board, the System Office Staff Council (SOSC) will begin discussions with administration on ways to to further develop the vision and mission of the System Office, to bring further clarity to its role and function in supporting the three universities and the Board of Regents, and help operationalize the mission statement for SO employees and offices. This will be brought up at the SOSC meeting March 9.

More information on the steps that lead to this statement can be found on the System Office Mission Statement website.