Sean Asikłuk Topkok appointed director of Center for Cross-Cultural Studies

June 8, 2023

portrait of Sean Topkok
Sean Topkok

The College of Rural and Community Development is excited to announce that Sean Asikłuk Topkok has been appointed director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies. Asikłuk has a long history with the CXCS, having worked with the center and previous leadership since 1997 through the Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative and the Alaska Native Knowledge Network. Topkok's new appointment became effective April 10, 2023.

Asikłuk started teaching as an adjunct professor at CXCS in 2006. After earning his master's in Cross-Cultural Studies at UAF, he taught Indigenous Peoples of Alaska, Alaska Native Education, and CCS/RD F608 – Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Asikłuk earned his Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies in 2015, also at UAF.

The Center for Cross-Cultural Studies is a department in the College of Rural and Community Development. The Center for Cross-Cultural Studies offers two graduate programs: an M.A. in Indigenous Studies and a Ph.D. in Indigenous Studies. CXCS serves as a forum for examining cross-cultural and Indigenous education and community development issues across the state and worldwide. CXCS works to increase the recognition of Indigenous scholarship across various academic disciplines to best serve its students.