Chancellor Karen Carey gifted with Tlingit name, adopted into Raven clan

May 26, 2023

At the Native Graduation Celebration held the morning of May 7 before the Juneau Commencement Ceremony, Professor X’unei Lance Twitchell invited Chancellor Karen Carey to the stage.

"We are honored and invite you to stand with us," he said, and following traditional protocol, adopted her into the L’ukaax.adi Sockeye/RAVEN clan and gifted her a Tlingit name: Héide Shuwataaní, which means “the one who opens doors.”  

“This action and name captures her vigilance and intentional actions to support the development of Indigenous Studies and languages course and degree development during her tenure at UAS. This well-deserved honor connects Chancellor Carey to the Tlingit people now and forever, ” said Ronalda Cadiente Brown, Associate Vice Chancellor of Alaska Native Programs and PITAAS Director.