OIT in Collaboration with UAF Realigns IT to Better Serve UA

September 1, 2023

OIT and UAF leadership announced in April 2023 plans to align IT resources and functions between SO and UAF to better support each organization’s mission. Effective July 1, services primarily used and depended upon by UAF students, faculty, and staff are now managed directly by UAF and the newly named Nanook Technology Services (NTS). This move is expected to increase the focus, resourcing, and agility of these functions in support of UAF’s mission and goals, while also creating parity in IT structure with UAA and UAS. 

This new arrangement allows OIT to focus on its fundamental objective: delivering cutting-edge IT services that holistically support the UA System while partnering with NTS to address the immediate technical support requirements of students, staff, and faculty at UAF and System Office. As some services and support will need time to transition, both IT organizations will continue working together in partnership and will be hiring to add capacity in key technology areas.

"We view this new arrangement and partnership with NTS as an opportunity to further leverage our strengths," said Ben Shier, OIT’s Chief Information Technology Officer. "Through targeted collaboration, the goal is for each organization to be more responsive and better positioned to support its customers. 

For more information about OIT's services and priorities, visit alaska.edu/oit. To submit an IT help request, visit Nanook Technology Services site uaf.edu/nooktech.