Travel regulation changes will provide dependent care benefit

Sept. 17, 2021

The university is updating travel regulations to provide a new benefit that will offset incremental dependent care costs incurred while UA employees travel. This dependent care benefit is aimed to provide more family-friendly offerings, and aligns with federal regulations for grants.  

The new offering has been widely discussed and developed with various governance groups, councils and management, and is currently under final review with System Governance groups.

The proposed change removes child care/babysitting fees from the list Non-reimbursable Travel Expenses in University Regulations and adds a definition of the temporary incremental dependent care costs that are allowable under the expanded reimbursement regulation. 

This is a taxable allowance that will provide reimbursement for incremental costs (beyond any regular dependent care) incurred during university travel. The total allowance cannot exceed the total trip allowance of the number of business days times $75. Receipts will not be required, however, travelers must attest to the validity of the claim.

The new regulations are expected to go into effect at the end of September.