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Personal Holiday

If you have Personal Holiday Leave (PHL) available for fiscal year 2019, please note that the final day for PHL usage is June 22, 2019. PHL hours cannot be used from June 23, 2019, through July 06, 2019 (the R15 pay period).


To check your available Personal Holiday Leave hours balance, log on to UAOnline at


Annual Leave Balance

Annual leave is rolled over each year during the transition to the new fiscal year. Employees may carry-over a maximum of 240 hours. Any hours over the 240-hour threshold will be forfeited (firefighters may carry over a total of 320 hours). If you currently have over 240 annual leave hours or have the potential to accumulate hours in excess of 240 prior to the fiscal year roll, you should have received a notification from UA HR Systems.


How to Avoid Losing Annual Leave

There is still time to use annual leave or request an annual leave cash-in before the end of fiscal year 2019.

Using Leave: The last timesheet to report annual leave prior to the annual leave roll process will be June 23 through July 6, 2019 (R15).

Cash-In: You may request up to 40 hours via the annual leave cash-in form. All cash-in forms must be submitted to your regional HR office no later than June 21, 2019. You may only request an annual leave cash-in once per fiscal year.

Where to Go for More Information

To check your current leave balance, go to UA Online, select 'Employee Services,' and then 'Time Off Current Balances and History.'


Board of Regents Policy & Regulation Regarding Leave


Annual Leave Cash-In Guidelines


For more information or questions please contact your local Human Resources Office.


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