FY20 Benefits Open Enrollment ends May 10

May 2, 2019    There’s just one more week left to complete open enrollment. Here’s what you should know:


  • This year, UA is not taking employee-only health plan deduction from their first paycheck for the fiscal year, the check paid on July 5. All other deductions will be taken as they normally would, but the employee only health care deduction will not be taken. We’re also reducing all employees’ health care goals (for the employee-only contribution) by $200. If you don’t normally get a check in early July, you’ll see the reduction at the end of the plan year. This “premium holiday” will reduce what you pay for the employee-only deduction; it does not affect dependent deductions which will be taken on that first check.


  • You can find all the details on our open enrollment web page, found directly from the benefits web site. Click the link for Open Enrollment where you'll find the Enrollment Guide, plan comparisons, rate sheets and links to other important information. When you're ready, the link to the enrollment form is right there on the page, no need to go to UAOnline first.

  • If you don't want to make any changes and you don't want a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in FY20, you don't need to do anything for open enrollment. Health care flexible spending accounts and dependent care flexible spending accounts must be elected every year. This benefit is taken out of your paycheck before taxes. However, if you have supplemental life insurance, you’ll want to keep reading.

  • This year there are new changes to the supplemental life insurance benefit. If you are enrolled in supplemental life it would be beneficial to take a look, especially if your current benefit level is in a $25,000 increment (such as $275,000, $325,000, etc).

    UA is changing this benefit to be in $50,000 increments up to a maximum of $600,000 for the plan year starting July 1. (The current maximum is $400,000) If you’re currently enrolled in a $25,000 increment and you make no new election at open enrollment, your coverage will be decreased to the next available $50,000 increment.

  • The health care FSA has increased from $2650 to $2700. This FSA can be used for eligible medical, dental and vision care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Additionally, you can also purchase approved items like sunscreen, contact lens solution or first aid kids from the FSA store or drug stores like Walgreens. Watch this video for more information about FSA accounts.

  • DirectPath is an advocacy service and cost transparency tool. This service helps you determine which health plan might be best for you, as well as helping with claim and billing issues, determining your potential out‑of‑pocket costs for services and getting you a cost comparison for an upcoming elective procedure. Contact DirectPath at 866‑253‑2273.

Questions? Open enrollment information is available on the Benefits website, just click the link to the open enrollment site, and in the UA Choice Enrollment Guide. You can also contact your HR office or your DirectPath health care advocate, at (866) 253-2273.