Wellness rebate is coming soon!

The FY20 wellness rebate is coming soon!

For employees and spouses who completed the FY19 program by April 30, 2019, the wellness rebate will be paid out on the R23 paycheck, paid on November 8.

Also, because we've had a delayed implementation of the new wellness program, we're giving all new hires since September 17, 2019, up to 90 days to qualify for a pro-rated FY20 rebate, to be paid in spring 2020 or earlier.

The full rebate amount is $600 for the employee, and $600 for the enrolled spouse. For new employees and spouses, the rebate will be pro-rated from the time you completed the requirements for the plan. As in past years, you must be enrolled on the health plan and be an active employee to receive the rebate.

If you missed qualifying for the rebate this time around, you can still earn it for next year! The current program runs through June 30 to earn the rebate for November 2020. We're working on getting on-site biometric screenings set up at the main campuses in December, with more locations and events early next year. More details on the program and all the information you need to earn your rebate are on the wellness page on our web site.

Questions about the wellness program? Contact Victoria Carver, our onsite program manager from Zomo Health, powered by PreventionCloud, at (907) 450-8203, or by e-mail at victoria.c@zomohealth.com.