The First Wellness Challenge of the Program Year

ABC's of Fitness Challenge, October 5 - October 30

The objective of this challenge is to select a new exercise each day starting with each letter of the alphabet beginning with A and ending with z. The purpose of this activity is not only to encourage healthy fitness habits but also for participants to think outside of the box and add some variety to their daily routine. Trying a new exercise that you may have never tried before may soon become one of your favorites' The fitness selections can be either a cardio, resistance training or any other commonly known exercise.

Anyone who successfully completes the challenge will earn 1 point towards your $600 wellness rebate and the high point raffle' 

TO START THE ABC'S OF FITNESS CHALLENGE (Challenge will be available to join on September 28st) 

1. Log in to

2. Click on "challenges"

3. Click on Join Challenges> ABC's of Fitness Challenge

4. Start the ABC's of Fitness Challenge

Each participant must fill in on the exercise that they completed for each letter of the alphabet. Participants must log onto PreventionCloud every week to mark off7 days of challenge completion. Please mark off the box next to each activity completed. The Challenge will end on October 30th. You will have until November 6th to log your exercises for the challenge.

WEEK 1: A - G

Aerobics, Ab Crunch, Air Bike, Biking, Back Flyes, Basketball, Cardio, Chest Press, Cable Crossover, Dips, Deadlifts, Dumbbell Clean, Elliptical, Elbow Circles, Foam Rolling, Frog Jumps, Football, Clute Kickback, Goblet Squat

WEEK 2: H - 

Hops. Hammer Curls, Hack Squat, Incline Cable Fly, Incline Push Up, Jumping Jacks, Jogging, Jerk Balance, Kettlebell Swings, Knee Raises, Lunge. Log Lift, Lying Leg Curls, Mountain Climbers, Muscle Up, Neck Press, Narrow Clute Ham Raise

WEEK 3: 0 - U  

Oblique Crunches, Overhead Slam Push Ups, Plank, Preacher Curl, Quad Stretch, Quick Leap, Rows, Reverse Fly, Rocket Jump, Squats, Soccer, Toe Touches, Ti re Flips, Tennis, Underhand Cable Pull-down

WEEK 4: V- Z

Vertical Swing, V-Bar Pull-down, Weighted Squat. Water Polo, Windmills, X Chest Cross Over, Yoke Walk, Yoga. Zottman Curl, Zercher Squats, Zumba