Payroll Update

Payroll Updates for April 2024

Below are important payroll processes to keep in mind as we move toward the end of FY24. If there are any questions with the information provided below, please contact payroll directly at

  • Annual Leave Roll
    Each year, employees who earn annual leave can roll over up to 240 hours of annual leave into the next fiscal year. Any hours over 240 will be forfeited during the annual leave roll. All leave balances can be confirmed on UAOnline. If you have annual leave in excess of 240 hours, please be sure to use these hours before June 29, 2024 (the end of pay period R14).

  • Annual Leave and Faculty Time Off Cash-in Requests
    • Annual Leave Requests - All FY24 Annual Leave Cash-in Requests must be submitted via the NextGen form on or before June 21, 2024.
    • FTO Cash-in Requests - For Faculty whose assignments end on May 11, 2024 the deadline to submit a FY24 Faculty Time Off (FTO) Cash-in Request is May 3, 2024. FTO Cash-in requests cannot be requested while a faculty member is off-contract and must be requested the pay period prior to going off-contract.

All leave balances can be confirmed on UAOnline. Please visit the linked web pages to review the rules and regulations surrounding the Cash-in Requests and to locate and complete the form. (Local 6070 employees will request the Cash-in via their timesheets using earnings code 515.)

  • Any Personal Holiday Leave (PHL) awarded to staff in FY24 must be used by June 29, 2024. Personal Holiday Leave does not roll over from one fiscal year to the next and has no monetary value (cannot be cashed-in). All Personal Holiday hours must be used in the fiscal year they are awarded in.

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